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OpenLabel is a label placement tool and decluttering algorithm for OpenMap. Labels are placed in full conformance with applicable cartographic specifications and conventions - without overlap or ambiguity.


OpenLabel is an open source map labelling toolkit that is fully integrated with BBN Technologies' OpenMap product.

Latest Version:1.0.1
Release Date:July 2002
Release Notes:Integrated with OpenMap

Changes (since last release)

Added the methods:

and the class OpenLabelMenu.


The CVS Repository stores not only the current version of openlabel, but a record of all changes that have occurred to that source code.

To download from the CVS Repository you need a CVS client (see and an SSH client (for example PuTTy, for Microsoft windows, or OpenSSH). Once you have installed CVS and SSH clients ...

For more information on using CVS see Basic Introduction to CVS and ( Project CVS Services

OpenLabel is administered via a SourceForge project page

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